Fence Installation Kernersville NC

You can tell a lot about a company based on the type of fence they have in the front of the premises. When it comes to fence installation in Kernersville NC, there are plenty of options to choose from. At Piedmont Fence Inc. we offer a variety of fencing options including wood, vinyl, ornamental, chain like, aluminum, and more! At Piedmont Fence, Inc., our field crews have years of experience and are qualified in all aspects of fence installation.

When done right, a properly installed fence can add a lot to your standard of living. Fences offer a variety of functions, but one of the most overlooked of these functions is security. When you have a poorly-constructed and installed fence, there really isn't much security. You're likely to have a compromised perimeter, leaving all of the money you spent on the first fence wasted. This is why it's important to only work with licensed professional who truly understand what is that they are doing.

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Wood Fencing in Kernersville NC

Piedmont Fence Inc. specializes in installing wood fencing in Kernersville NC. Installing a wood fence on your landscape is an amazing way to add a pastoral energy to your home's exterior. We provide extensive options of wood fencing that will provide your home with a natural, rustic look. You can choose from a variety of selections to accommodate your privacy, semi-privacy, or decorative needs.

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Pool Fence Barriers

New pool fence barrier regulations for North Carolina are in effect! Contact us today for a free on-site estimate to enclose your new pool.